Ginseng Flower Bio YOGI TEA 30.6g


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Yogi Tea Ginseng Flower Bio is a ginseng herbal beverage for stimulation and energy. Recommended for:

  • Stimulate
  • energy
  • increase in strength
  • spiritual clarity
  • fatigue.

Yogi Tea’s organic range of herbal teas and beverages contains a variety of combinations of Yogi herbs and spices, with excellent flavors and aromas that relax the body and spirit, according to the authorities of Ayurveda.

Weight 40 g
Nutritional Value

Energy/Calories: 4kJ/1kcal Fat: 0g of which saturates: 0g Carbohydrates: 0.3g of which sugars: 0g Fiber: 0g Protein: 0g Salt: 0g


lemongrass (27%), mint (25%), canine, orange zest (10%), licorice, cardamom, ginseng root, cinnamon, ginseng flowers, ginger, lemon extract, nettle, alpha alpha, black pepper, celery seeds, clove, compote extract.

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