Tulsi Green Tea Classic Organic India 100g


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Tulsi Green Tea Organic India 100g / Tulsi Grüner Tee Bio Indien 100g

Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea classic 100g  is a combination of Tulsi Leaves and the highest quality green tea. It has a great taste. It tones and fills the body with vitality. Protects against stress .It is rich in antioxidants and has earned a reputation as a revitalizing and rejuvenating tea. We do the trusted delivery in anywhere Europe especially in Austria and Germany through

Tulsi Grüner Tee Bio Indien 100g ist eine Kombination aus Tulsi-Blättern und Grüntee höchster Qualität. Es hat einen tollen Geschmack. Es tonisiert und füllt den Körper mit Vitalität. Schützt vor Stress. Er ist reich an Antioxidantien und hat sich einen Ruf als revitalisierender und verjüngender Tee erworben. Wir führen die vertrauenswürdige Lieferung von Tulsi Green Tea Classic Organic India 100g in ganz Europa durch, insbesondere in Österreich und Deutschland über

It also comes in 25 Tea bag Pack

Tulsi Green Tea Classic (Organic India) 25TB

About the manufaturer

ORGANIC INDIA was the first Indian company to opt for international organic certification, and today holds the highest number of organic and quality national and international certifications as organic food producers in the country. The widespread popularity of our Original Tulsi Tea inspired us to formulate more than 23 varieties of relaxing, flavourful, and restorative herbal blends – now savoured in more than 45+ countries.

About Tulsi Green Tea Organic India

Tulsi is a special herb, known in India as the holy basil for a reason, Tulsi is Acclaimed As “The Queen Of Herbs” and is revered as a Sacred Plant Infused with Healing Powers.

“Organic India”tulsi is grown on rural farms in a sustainable way. These organic teas are made up of the finest  tulsi leaves and flowers mixed with other organic  herbs, teas or spices.

Tackle a stressful workday with a cup of soothing herbal tea!  As a result achieve  lower cortisol levels, soothe the nervous system and boost cognitive function.

Directions for use

Add 1 full teaspoon per cup (120ml) and pour boiling water over it. After that let steep for 3-5 minutes. Double the strength if serving iced. Best when consumed without milk.

Health & Benefits :

It Supports immune & cardiovascular health. This tea is best for  energy boosting & mood uplifting. It helps metabolism improvements  & digestion . Finally it enhances focus and mental alertness.

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