Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy ORGANIC INDIA 25Tb 50g


Indulge in the restorative powers of Organic India Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy 25Tb, a captivating herbal infusion that blends the harmonizing properties of Tulsi (Holy Basil), the invigorating warmth of Cinnamon, and the immune-boosting essence of Giloy. This caffeine-free delight, steeped in the rich traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, offers a symphony of flavors and benefits that will support your overall well-being.

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Elevate your tea experience with our Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy blend—crafted for wellness and sourced from India’s lush landscapes.

Organic India Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy 25Tb traces its roots to the pristine lands of India, where Tulsi, revered as the “Queen of Herbs,” has been cultivated for centuries for its profound healing properties. Giloy, also known as Amrit (meaning “nectar”), is a renowned herb in Ayurvedic medicine, prized for its immune-boosting and revitalizing properties. Organic India’s commitment to sustainability ensures that these delicate herbs are grown and harvested in harmony with nature, preserving their purity and potency.

Ingredients: This infusion combines tulsi for adaptogenic bliss, cinnamon for warmth, and giloy for immune support.


  1. Tulsi adapts to stress, fostering mental clarity.
  2. Cinnamon adds comforting warmth and contributes to overall well-being.
  3. Giloy, an Ayurvedic powerhouse, boosts the immune system.

Cooking Directions:

  1. Boil fresh water.
  2. Pour over a tea bag in your cup.
  3. Steep for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Customize with honey or lemon.
  5. Savor the goodness of Organic India Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy Tea.

Immerse yourself in tradition and wellness, one cup at a time.

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