Tay Ninh Green Chili Salt 120g


Spice up your meals with the vibrant taste of Tay Ninh Green Chili Salt!

This unique blend combines savory salt with aromatic green chilies, offering a distinctive flavor profile less fiery than red chili but packing a subtle heat and freshness.

Made with simple, all-natural ingredients, it’s free of artificial colors and preservatives.

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Product contains: 120 g

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A wonderful blend of dried crystal salt, green chili, lemon and other spices.
– Used for dipping fresh fruit, boiled meat and vegetables
– Used to marinate cuttlefish, shrimp and other seafood for roast, fry, stir.

Keep in a dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
Cover tightly after using

NO Synthetic Color, NO Artificial Preservatives

Ingredient: Salt (46,5%), Green Chili (12%), Sugar, Flavor Enhancer: E621, E627, E631, Garlic, Gardenia Extract, Karotte, Säureregulator. E330, Farbstoff: E140.

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