Tata Tea Premium Black Tea Jar 250g


Experience the exquisite blend of Tata Tea Premium Black Tea in a convenient 250g jar. Savor the rich flavor and captivating aroma of carefully selected tea leaves from lush Indian estates. Crafted with advanced technology, this tea jar ensures the preservation of natural goodness, delivering a satisfying and premium tea experience. Ideal for those who appreciate flexibility in brewing, this jar allows you to tailor your tea to perfection. With its airtight seal, rest assured of freshness, making Tata Tea Premium Black Tea Jar 250g your go-to choice for an affordable and delightful tea indulgence.

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Product contains: 250 g

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  1. Tata Premium Black Tea 250g, perfect for those who appreciate rich flavor and aroma.
  2. With Tata Tea Premium 250g, you can enjoy the authentic taste of India’s finest tea leaves, carefully selected and blended for a satisfying cup of tea.
  3. This 250g pack of Tata Tea Premium is perfect for families or tea enthusiasts who want to stock up on their favorite tea blend.
  4. Tata Tea Premium 250g is crafted from high-quality tea leaves grown in the lush tea estates of India. We process it using advanced technology to preserve the natural goodness of the tea.
  5. Whether you lean towards a robust or milder tea preference, Tata Tea Premium 250g provides the flexibility for you to brew it precisely to your taste. Consequently, relish a cup of tea that perfectly aligns with your mood and preference.
  6. Tata Tea Premium 250g is a great value for money, as it offers you a generous quantity of high-quality tea at an affordable price.
  7. When you buy Tata Tea Premium 250g, rest assured about its freshness and quality. The airtight pack it comes in protects the tea leaves from moisture and contaminants.
  8. Indulge in the rich flavor and captivating aroma of Tata Tea Premium 250g. Immerse yourself in the joyous experience of savoring a cup of tea that is truly premium in every sense.
Indulge in Tata Premium Black Tea 250g, a delightful choice for those valuing rich flavor and aroma. Embrace the authentic taste of India’s finest tea leaves with careful selection and blending in every sip. Ideal for families or tea enthusiasts, this 250g pack ensures you never run out of your favorite blend. Tata Tea Premium 250g, from lush Indian tea estates, uses advanced tech to preserve natural goodness. Enjoy a flexible, strong or mild brew, offering great value and quality. Rest easy knowing the airtight pack guarantees freshness, protecting against moisture and contaminants. Savor the premium experience with Tata Tea Premium 250g, relishing the rich flavor and aroma that defines every cup.
Weight 290 g

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