Fufu Flour(COCOYAM) T-Way 680g


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TROPIWAY Cocoyam Fufu Flour 24 oz Made with real Cocoyam 100% real and natural. Tropiway Cocoyam Fufu Flour: A traditional staple of African cuisine, fufu flour is ground from cocoyam (the root of the elephant ear plant) and cassava (the starchy tuber from which tapioca is derived). Mix with boiling water to make cassava meal, often served as a vegetable in the Caribbean tropics, dressed with butter, black pepper, and fresh lime or orange juice.

Weight 680 g
Nutritional Value

Calories 267 Calories from Fat 0.9 (0.3%) % Daily Value * Total Fat  0.1g – Sodium 34mg 2% Carbohydrates 84g – Net carbs 83g – Sugar 0g – Fiber 1g 4% Protein 2g Vitamins and minerals Vitamin A IU 0IU – Vitamin C 1.2mg 2% Calcium 20mg 2% Iron 0.7mg 9%


100% Pure cocoyam

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