Chicken Tikka Masala Mix SUHANA 80g


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Chicken tikka masala is a dish consisting of roasted marinated chicken chunks (chicken tikka) in spiced curry sauce. The curry is usually creamy and orange-coloured. There are differing theories regarding the geographic origin of the dish, broadly split between those attributing it to cooks from South Asia living in Great Britain, and those that view it as being created on the Indian subcontinent. The dish is offered at restaurants around the world.

Weight 80 g
Nutritional Value

Energy: 1680 Kj / 400Kcal, Fat: 15g, of which saturated: 0g, Carbohydrate: 50g, of which sugars: 0g, Salt: 20, 32g, Protein: 10g, Fiber: 20g


Red Chilli,   Coriander, Salt, Turmeric, Roasted Cumin Powder, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Dried Ginger 4%, Dried Garlic 4 %, colour Paprika Extract, Acidic Regulator citric Acid (E-330)

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