MEDIMIX 18-Herb Ayurvedic Soap 75g


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Medimix Ayurvedic Bath Soap is the world’s largest selling ayurvedic bath soap that is suited for all skin types. It is completely herbal with a 60% coconut oil base and contains no animal fat. It is known for its curative, preventive and beautifying qualities for skin, scalp and hair. The rich lather of Medimix Ayurvedic Bath Soap is enriched by the extracts of 18 Herbs scientifically incorporated to give protection from various skin problems. The natural oil base of Medimix Ayurvedic Soap contains pure coconut oil.

Benefits of Medimix Soap

  • Prevents skin infection
  • Protects skin from problems like black heads, pimples, itches, prickly heat
  • Controls dandruff.
  • Controls body odor.
  • Safe, effective skin & hair cleanser
Weight 80 g
Nutritional Value

Not Applicable


Chitraka 225mg Vanardraka 108mg Sariba 12mg Chopchini 6mg Nimba Twak 4mg Dharu Haridra 2mg Vacha 2mg Usheeram 2mg Dhanyaka 2mg Jeeraka 2mg

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