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Made from quality Chinese plums, ginger and chili. Perfect for stir-frying and dipping. An excellent dip for a variety of meats including roasted duck, egg rolls, and other appetizers.
The base of hoisin sauces are primarily fermented soybean, sweetened with sugar and finessed with multiple spices including chilli and garlic. Although “hoisin” means seafood in Cantonese the name is said to be derived from it being used to flavour seafood though some older recipes actually called for dehydrated and fermented seafood as a minor ingredient to add an umami lift. Keeping in with the times, this Lee Kum Kee version is indeed vegan friendly.

Weight 397 g
Nutritional Value

Energy 977kj Protein 1.7g Total Fat 2.2g Saturated Fat less than 1g Carbohydrates 50.6g Sugar 46g Sodium 2560mg


Sugar, water, fermented soybean paste (water, salt, soybeans, wheat flour), salt, sweet potato powder, colours (150a, 129), modified corn starch (1422), sesame paste, dehydrated garlic, spices, salted chilli peppers (chilli peppers, salt), acidity regulator (260).

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