Black Pepper Sauce LKK 350g


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Lee Kum Kee Black Pepper Sauce is a ready-to-use condiment for chicken and steak stir fries. The thick sauce has a rich sweetness from soy sauce and tomatoes, and a mild peppery heat. Add the black pepper sauce to the wok while stir frying for a stickier texture, or heat through separately and pour over grilled steak.

Weight 350 g
Nutritional Value

Calories 20kcal Total Fat 5g Sodium 200mg Carbohydrates 4g Sugar 0g Fiber 0g Protein 0g


Water, Sugar, Soy Sauce (Water, Salt,  Soybeans,  Wheat, Colour [E150a], Glucose-Fructose Syrup), Salt, Yeast Extract (Yeast Extract, Water, Salt), Tomato Paste, Black Pepper Powder (4%), Dehydrated Garlic, Modified Corn Starch,  Soybean Oil, Colour (150c), Acid (E330), Flavour Enhancers (E631, E627).

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