Pineapple Essence (Ananas Essenz) HEERA 28ml


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Pineapple essence is a great addition to number of savoury as well as sweet dishes for a tangy and sweet flavour.
Pineapple essence can be added to baked goods and confectionery, sweet dishes – custard, cakes, pudding and pastries.
– Fresh cream can be flavoured with pineapple essence and used as a fruit dip.

Weight 50 g
Nutritional Value

Energy = 452 kcal Protein = 4.89 g Fats = 1.09 g Carbohydrates = 119 g Fiber = 12.7 g Calcium = 118 mg Iron = 2.62 mg


Propylene Glycol, Approved Flavorings , water and colour, E102, E110. Non Alcoholic,

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