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Shirataki noodles are made from the root of the Konjac plant. Shirataki noodles are low carbohydrate, low calorie noodles. As a result they don’t have a taste of their own. Instead they readily absorb the flavours of dishes they are cooked in. They are good in broths, soups, stews etc.
Traditionally they are used in a Japanese dish called Sukiyaki – a stew with beef & vegetables.
Although this product is a noodle, the texture is nothing like pasta or spaghetti, it has a more chewy texture and because of the glucomannan it gives you a very satisfying full feeling after a meal.
They are growing in popularity as a diet food due to almost zero calories and low carbohydrate.
Please note these are the traditional plain shirataki yam noodles. These are not Tofu Shirataki which are a different product.

Weight 200 g
Nutritional Value

Energy/Calories: 1833kJ/438kcal Fat: 23.06g of which saturates: 11.32g Carbohydrates: 50.77g of which sugars: 1.16g Fiber: 1.3g Protein: 6.51g Salt: 3.8g


Konjac Flour, 4.4% water, Acidity Regulator (E526)

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