Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Organic COCOXIM 200ml


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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil COCOXIM

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil COCOXIM / Natives Bio-Kokosöl COCOXIM

Cocoxim Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted by cold-pressed technology directly from fresh coconut meat by centrifugal technology to preserve the nutrients of coconut oil, white, transparent, none coconut candy smell. We do  trusted delivery of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Organic COCOXIM 200ml in any where Europe through

Natives Bio-Kokosöl COCOXIM wird durch Kaltpresstechnologie direkt aus frischem Kokosnussfleisch durch Zentrifugaltechnologie extrahiert, um die Nährstoffe von Kokosnussöl zu erhalten, weiß, transparent, kein Kokosbonbongeruch. Wir liefern zuverlässig Natives Kokosnussöl Extra Organic COCOXIM 200 ml in ganz Europa über

COCOXIM organic extra virgin coconut oil also comes in  500 ml and 950 ml:

About The Manufacturer

Betrimex is the first & leading manufacturer of coconut based products in Vietnam. Owning two factories with 4 production lines. Having 3 branches in Singapore, USA and Ho Chi Minh City. 67 Betrimex’s products are trusted increasingly by partners and presented in 40 countries.

Organic Farming

At betrimex, the coconut material area is cultivated according to organic standards and certified by nop/eu/jas/aco/korea organic. Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides of chemical origin. Do not graze cattle and poultry and do not use fish bridges in coconut gardens. Nutritional sources for coconut garden using organic fertilizers / micro-organisms. Kill pests with natural methods. Coconut land is converted organic for 2-3 years according to American and European Organic standards.

Betrimex’s engineers often visit and guide the ways to shift from traditional coconut farming to Organic standards at each household. ICS department – Internal inspector (trained and certified by Control Union) regularly conduct inspection of coconut farmers’ farms with a minimum frequency of 1 time / month to ensure the quality and productivity of coconut garden.

Experts from control union come to Organic Coconut Garden to evaluate Organic certification. Test samples are sent to the Control Union headquarters in the Netherlands and the US for sample inspection. The evaluation takes place every year. Hygienic harvesting equipment and areas to avoid coconut contamination. Then transport put into production. (there is a separated area for the Organic classification)

Manufacturing Process of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil COCOXIM

Only fruits get 11-12 months enough are harvested and put into production by Betrimex, as this is the time when coconut has the most nutrients and best taste. Only the best quality, most quality and old enough coconut can be picked down. After harvesting, coconuts are transferred to the factory located right in the material processing area. Here, coconuts are carefully categorized again, selecting the standard coconut to be put into production. The coconut meat is removed by workers from the brown skin, washed and prepared to produce Organic virgin coconut oil

The production stages are strictly inspected to ensure compliance with standards from R&D Department such as mixing, temperature, and machine operation techniques. The production process ensures that no preservatives and chemicals are used in the production process. The whole production process is closed without being affected by outside environment, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Complete products are randomly checked right in the production process to take measures to promptly handle shipments if errors arise.The finished batch of complete products continues to be stored within 7 -15 days for QC department to check microbiology and quality. Standard products can only be exported when certified by QC department to meet quality standards.


Organic virgin coconut oil is being used in moisturizing skin, lips, hair, eyelashes, makeup, body massage … Especially suitable for skin in dry and cold weather.

Besides cosmetic use, coconut oil is also used in foods such as vegetable oil (stir-fry, salad dressings, etc.).

56-60% of the fatty oils are MCTs (medium-chain fatty acids) that help absorb quickly and instantly convert it into energy that helps the body function without creating stored fat. Therefore, coconut oil is also being taken for instant energy from nature.


With the direct centrifugal technology from fresh coconut meat, virgin coconut oil has a shelf life of 2 years without preservatives.

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Weight 200 g
Nutritional Value

Calories (130kcal)
Total Fat (14g)
Cholesterol (0mg)
Sodium (0mg)
Carbohydrate (0g)
Protein (0g)


100% pure coconut oil.

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