Chilli Bean Sauce (Toban Djan) LEE KUM KEE 368g


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Chilli Bean Sauce also known as ”Toban Djan” is a Sichuan-style ingredient paste with a pungent blend of salted chilli peppers, soybean and broad beans pastes. An essential ingredient in the classic Kung Pao Chicken dish and a great addition to any stir-fry.

  1. Enhance your stir-fries: Stir-fry your favorite vegetables and protein, then add a splash of Lee Kum Kee Chilli Bean Sauce. The sauce’s fiery heat and umami depth will permeate your stir-fry, creating a dish that will tantalize your taste buds.

  2. Dress up your noodles: Elevate your noodle dishes by adding a drizzle of Lee Kum Kee Chilli Bean Sauce. The sauce’s spicy essence will complement the flavors of your noodles, creating a delightful culinary experience.

  3. Create irresistible dipping sauces: Transform your favorite dipping sauces into fiery masterpieces with this Sauce. Simply combine the sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, and your choice of chili oil or vinegar for a dipping sauce that will ignite your taste buds.


*Salted Chilli Peppers


*Soybean paste

*Broad bean paste


*Modified corn starch

*Chilli Pepper Powder


*Soybean Oil

*Acid(Lactic Acid)

*Flavour Enhancers (Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate)



Weight 450 g

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