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Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce 

A classic Chinese barbecue sauce perfect for marinating, baking  and barbecuing meat, chicken or seafood.


Expertly crafted with a premium blend of authentic ingredients, this sauce delivers an irresistible balance of sweet and savory notes.

Indulge in the convenience of a time-saving marinade – just a few spoonfuls of Char Siu Sauce to elevate your dish to restaurant-quality without the need for lengthy preparation.

No artificial preservatives ensure a pure, delicious experience for your taste buds.

Packaged in a 397g bottle designed for freshness, every drop maintains the rich, authentic flavor.

Ideal for grilling, baking, or stir-frying, this sauce adds a burst of delectable taste to pork ribs, chicken, or tofu.

Perfect for family meals and gatherings, Lee Kum Kee Char Sui Sauce makes every dining experience memorable.

Unleash your culinary creativity effortlessly with Lee Kum Kee – where flavor meets simplicity.


Sugar, water salt, fermented soybean paste, honey, soy sauce, malt syrup, modified corn starch, dehydrated garlic, spices, acetic acid, red 40.

Allergens: Soybeans, wheat.



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