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African melon seeds come from the egusi plant. Native to Africa, the egusi looks like a small, round watermelon. However, unlike a watermelon, which is red and sweet, the egusi is white, dry, and bitter. Grown solely for its seeds, African melon seeds taste like pumpkin seeds. Egusi seeds, also called African melon seeds, are large and white. Beyond their use in food, egusi seeds are commonly parched and eaten individually as a snack. Full of nutrition, African melon seeds are an excellent way to feed your body with nutrients!

Weight 100 g
Nutritional Value

These seeds are high with protein and oil contents as it is composed of 30% pure protein and 50% edible oil. These are an excellent source of tryptophan, methionine and arginine. It also has a small amount of calcium and carbohydrate.


100% Ground Equsi.

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