ACHVA Tahina Crushed 500g


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Achva Tahini is made using 100% pure sesame seeds. Tahini is cholesterol free & rich in vital minerals like calcium and iron, in all the B vitamins and in highly nutritive protein. Sesame products have a highly natural antioxidant effect due to the unique phenolic compound the Sesamolin (inherent only in the sesame) and also due to the tocopherols (Vitamin E) they contain. Hence, sesame products are characteristically resistant to rancidity. Moreover, they have anti-aging effect.

Weight 550 g
Nutritional Value

Energy 665/2783kJ Fat 60g Saturates 10g Carbohydrates 2g Sugar s 1g Fiber 1g Protein 24g Salt 0.02g Calcium 152mg Iron 6mg


100% Crushed Sesame Seeds.

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